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How to get status device to trigger an event?

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  • How to get status device to trigger an event?

    I have a device that reports a bunch of events. The events are updating properly on the screen but it seems I can't actually use it to trigger an event. I tried to create current state value for the events with custom graphics and those end up showing under the events (graphics aren't updating but that's another issue) but when I tried to trigger the event it doesn't do anything.

    For the status graphics, I created with a value equal to what's shown on the plugin script, also did it on the custom graphics.

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    You have selected the Control UI to be Text. This is the DeviceString that is updated. You want DeviceValue to be updated so select List for the control type. mcsMQTT will then store the numbers you have assigned to the text payloads into DeviceValue. HS will show the text in Status and will trigger events based upon the change in DeviceValue.


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      Thanks Michael, once again your plugin opened another HS3 door for me.