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Icon status change but text (payload) doesn't change?

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  • Icon status change but text (payload) doesn't change?

    I have two devices publishing very similar events. One has been working great, The new one for some reason doesn't update the actual payload text, to make it more confusing, the status icon does update correctly.

    The device in question is the "Ender 3x Printer Current State" The similar device is the "Ender 3 Printer Current State" I compared the setting of the two line by line and they are identical. Under the association tab, the payload does update properly.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    A couple thoughts on this.

    mcsMQTT supports multiple simultaneous browser sessions and monitors the connection of each. If the connection is lost it will no longer update the browser via AJAX mechanism. You know if the connection has been lost by looking at the time update at the top of page which should be every two seconds or so. If you rebuild the mcsMQTT page does the payload reflect the same as in HS?

    Optimizations were done for Express mode and I think one was to no longer update payload updates via AJAX. While I see you are not using Express mode it could be a coding bug. I could add debug to help isolate if the first thought does not explain it.


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      Strangest thing happened, my HS3 log got corrupted or something. Had to rename and rebuild that, after doing that, all the devices are now reporting properly.