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'Technology Address' property - can it be added similar to other plugins?

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  • 'Technology Address' property - can it be added similar to other plugins?

    Is it possible to add the option to include a 'technology address'? (see attached screen shots).

    Just a brief history and why this would be useful. I have a Clipsal CBus lighting system that over the years I have interfaced to HS via different means, with varying success. Initially I used xAP (via mcsXap plugin) but this required a now unsupported CBus-xAP gateway from Kevin Hawkins. Then I moved it to our ELK M1G system using a dedicated CBus interface card. But the firmware has many confirmed bugs that ELK (aka NESS in Australia and NZ) are not interested in fixing, and this is causing problems with the UltraM1G plugin. More on this issue can be found in the CBus forums.

    So now I am experimenting with MQTT via a cgate (CBus gateway) and cgateweb (MQTT server) running on a Raspberry. After a bit of setting up it works very well. CBus uses group addresses (0 to 255) to address lights/lighting groups. They can be turned on/off, and ramped over time to set level if on a dimmer circuit. We have almost 150 devices on our CBus network (lights, blinds, skylights, thermostats, analogue devices). Each has it's own CBus address.

    Which brings me on to mcsMQTT and CBus. After adding all the MQTT devices from mcsMQTT the all appear in a large list on the HS device management page. But there is no quick way of knowing which CBus address is being referenced. The device address column is blank (see attached). This means I have to keep going back and forth between the mcsMQTT plugin setup page and the device management page to look up the device reference number. It would be so much quicker if the address field was populated with the MQTT topic.

    The UltraM1G plugin populates the technology address with the group address, e.g. "Lighting097". The displaying of the technology address on the device management page can be turned on and off via the HS Tools/Setup/Custom settings.

    Other people may also find it useful for the MQTT topic to be listed as the technology address. That would allow you to quickly see what topic the HS device is associated with. It would be great to at least have the option.

    Hope this all makes sense. Thanks, Marty.

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    Are you asking for the plugin to put the topic in the Hs technology address property?


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      Hi Michael, said in one sentence.
      That would be great if the plugin could do that.


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        I put it in and should have it ready in a few days when I finish testing other parts of this update.


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          That is great news. I'll hold off moving the CBus over to MQTT until then. I'm happy to test the update. I know it can take up to a week for it to appear on the HS updater.


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            The update is described at

            Thank you for helping evaluate.