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Publishing HS3 Values to MQTT Broker

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  • Publishing HS3 Values to MQTT Broker


    This plugin is INCREDIBLE. I am just starting to scratch the surface.

    In addition to using it for control/monitoring of MQTT devices, I have designs on pushing data out of HS3 into an existing TIG stack server (Telegraf / InfluxDB / Grafana) and using the TIG server to serve as the main logging engine for Homeseer. As a system engineer I see Influx as a FAR better/more flexible/more powerful approach to logging and monitoring purely within HomeSeer or even most of the logging plugs which I've tried. Use the right tool for the job.

    To that end, two use cases that would be helpful:

    1. How do I configure mcsMQTT to send status changes/etc suitable for logging on one HS3 device onto an MQTT topic? We can use a simple on/off light switch as an example.

    2. If I so desired, how would I do it to send ALL loggable events for ALL HS3 devices onto MQTT topics?

    Thanks in advance, apologies for the (very likely) n00bness.

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    While I have not implemented InfluxDB I have read some about it and agree that it is a good fit for the types of data that a typical HA user would desire.

    When I was confirming my guidance below I discovered a bug got into 3.6 that prevented non-plugin devices from showing in Association tab. Fixed in (

    For #1,
    On the Association tab assure that non-plugin devices are displayed by using the checkbox at the top then followed by Show Selective Association button. This will populate the table at the bottom. 20 rows are shown at a time with scroll button to see the next or previous. Pulldown filters can be used to reduce the size of the table. User the Show Selective Association button after the desired filter(s) are setup.

    Click the A column checkbox for the existing HS device that represents the light. In the Topic column text box that opens for the Pub you would enter the MQTT topic to be used to publish. When the HS device changes it value then it will be published via MQTT. The topic can be changed in the Topic column for the row if the default topic does not follow your convention.

    For #2
    In this case you want all HS devices so the easiest way is on the General tab on the Wildcard row to select immediate association radio. You will also want to make the text box on that row match the Topic template you desire. Look at the tool tip when hovering over the text box. This is a powerful action. If you do not like the result then you an start over by removing the database from \data\mcsMQTT\mcsMQTT.db. There are backup databases created so you can go back to the prior mcsMQTT start of just let the plugin create it again.