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Location Isolation with ESP32 Bluetooth Low Energy

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    I found a very promising approach using node.js on YouTube. While I have never developed anything in node.js, it is used for zigbee2mqtt, node-red and many others. I followed the YouTube video, but ran into a library install issue that appears to be related to the version npm/node.js that is current. Node.js should provide an easy port to the API used for ESP32 so should be able to mix and match RPi/ESP32 with mcsMQTT. I will see if I find anything else following this thread tomorrow.


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      Thanks for doing all you do. This is very over my head. Hopefully in a year or so I'll be a little more fluid. I do think long and short range BT have a lot of uses...but since home automation to me is your home responding to you automatically...stable tools for "where" you are in your house as well as arrival / departure sensing are really core/key to everything. I'm continuously amazed that major manufactures have not focused on this as about everything else could really be done with simple timers and hard wiring. That's a bit of an exaggeration. no doubt. However, some of the biggest complaints I've see posted center around things especially like the flakiness of zware arrive sensors. For example, I want my garage to open right when I drive up...not a 1/2 a block away...or sitting there waiting for it to open. I don't want it to open at 2 AM because my zwave arrival sensor disappears wjile I'm sleeping and then comes back. Clearly BT has many applications, but most (really all) reasonably priced approaches today are simply not stable and depend on cell phones and/or wireless TCP/IP and really work perfectly only about 30%-50% of the time. Cell service in my neighborhood sucks which make this even worse. Some of this might be OK for somethings, but for unlocking your house or any security related function it simply isn't.



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        Extending BLE location monitoring to RPi using nodejs seemed like a very good excuse to learn nodes just as it was to learn ESP32 development. Unfortunately it looks as if the nodejs Bluetooth libraries have been abandoned as many others seem to have the same install issue I have been having. I may try again in the future, but it is not looking very positive as the issue surfaced years ago and it seems to still exist. There was a lot of interest when Bluetooth first became available with RPi, but now the interest seems to have dwindled.


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          While I gave up on nodejs due to abandoned libraries, I did find libraries that can be used with C on RPi. I can do continuous polling of BLE beacons and report any change in RSSI. I am moving down the path of trying to implement the same business logic that I used in the ESP32 in the RPi. Short of this it should be pretty easy to just do reporting of RSSI/Distance from the RPi. I suspect the same will work with USB dongles as with the BLE built into the RPi.