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    hello I installed your plug-in to use the Sonoff t1 with Tastmota Rel.6.5 Firmware. It works very well but at least once a day seems to go crazy and the buttons start turning the lights on and off until you disable the plug'in. It is impossible to use it this way. What can I do to solve the problem? Thanks

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    There is a debug option on the general tab to collect some internal data. The data goes into \Data\mcsMQTT folder.

    Are your lights controlled by MQTT topics published by mcsMQTT or are your lights controlled by HS and from topics subscribed by mcsMQTT?

    mcsMQTT responds to callbacks from HS to publish. The debug may have info about the event callbacks. Some version do and some do not.

    mcsMQTT responds to each subscribed topic to control HS devices. mcsMQTT can be setup on General tab to collect history of subscribed messages. The info will also be in the deubg file.


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      my lights are controlled by Homeseer (HsTouch) which changes the state of the Sonoffs and the Sonoffs that make Homeseer change state. Tonight I'll try again to re-enable the plug-in and enable debugging. I'll let you know


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        The Sonoff topic to command a light will contain CMND. The Sonoff topic to report status will have POWER in the topic. The mcsMQTT association will be done by accepting the POWER topic which will create a HS device. I am assuming that the VSP values are setup for ON and OFF. The Publish topic on the Association tab for this one will then contain the CMND as part of the topic.

        HSTouch/HS will do a CAPI control of the device. This will show up in the debug log with line containing "SetIOMulti "

        When mcsMQTT receives the POWER status topic that you picked then it will set DeviceValue to the mapping for ON vs. OFF. This will show up in the log with log containing "Update Accepted ". There will also be "ActoOnMessageForTrigger Topic " line that reflects the reception of the topic.


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          ok thanks for the valuable information