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MQTT Garage Door Control for LiftMaster & MyQ GD Openers

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  • shodge

    I've had a z-wave tilt sensor on my door for a long time and in the last two weeks, I just took the same direction as you. I used a 9V wall-wart, a Sonoff SV and this switch from amazon:

    Did some soldering as you, put it all in a small black box and used MQTT to put it on Homeseer.... Works great....


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  • Michael McSharry
    Excellent endeavor to overcome what I see as the security built into the GDO. Very well documented so that others have a change to take the same path.

    How did you know what pickoff points you needed to get direct relay control of the pushbutton input of the GDO? The approach that you used to discover it may be useful for those who have other brands.

    I understand the tilt sensor to assess the door state. In my approach I used the existing sensors (micro switches) use by the GDO circuit board to be able to measure both open, close, and well as somewhere in between. Why did you elect to add another sensor? As a side note I saw a YouTube of somebody who used a ultrasonic distance sensor (which is cheap in the robotics world) to measure distance from the ceiling to the obstruction. It was either the door, car or the floor. It allow them to confirm the car was in the garage when the door was closed. It could also be interfaced via the Sonoff and reduce the number of interfaces needed to support the GDO.

    Now that you have soldering skills you will be able to accomplish this with a Sonoff Basic rather than a Sonoff 4CH Pro. A few dollars saved but more significantly a smaller form factor for finding a desirable place to mount the Sonoff.

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  • MQTT Garage Door Control for LiftMaster & MyQ GD Openers

    I recently installed a LiftMaster 8550W and the old method I used to locally control the garage door (GD) became non-functional since the new Security 2.0 compatible 8550W uses codes sent from the wall or portable remote to trigger the opening/closing. The built in MyQ WiFi function relies on a cloud connection to trigger the device and I prefer to avoid the cloud for HA whenever possible. Also, the MyQ API changes often which make the existing HS3 plugins not as reliable as I would like. My biggest concern going this route was my lack of soldering skills - which I soon realized was not a big deal after a couple of practice runs.
    The setup described here allows for a very reliable local control of the garage door opener and the garage door open/close status. It integrates into HS3 via MQTT and ZWave and allows Alexa voice control as well.

    The following components are used:
    - Sonoff 4CH Pro with Tasmota fimware: ;
    - 882LM Wall Remote:
    - Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Tilt Sensor:
    - Soldering Kit:
    - mcsMQTT Plugin for HS3

    The Sonoff 4CH Pro is used as the relay to trigger the connected 882LM Wall Remote which sends a signal to the 8550W to open or close the garage door. The Ecolink Z-Wave Tilt Sensor shows a realtime status of whether the garage door is opend or closed.

    Here's a diagram of the setup:


    1. Configure Sonoff 4CH Pro DIP switches for Inching Mode and 1000 ms delay. The steps to do this are described in the Sonoff 4CH Pro Wiki here:

    2. Flash Sonoff 4CH Pro with Tasmota and configure MQTT.
    The SonOTA over the air flashing method does not work with the newer 4 CH Pro firmware - so flashing with a serial connection is the way to go.

    Here's the Tasmota Wiki page on flashing the 4CH Pro:

    Here's a doc with the detail on configuring Tasmota and MQTT on the Sonoff 4CH Pro:

    3. Configure the mcsMQTT HS3 plugin to create a control device for the 4CH Pro. The process is described here:

    4. Solder the two legs of the button on the 882LM Wall Remote circuit board as shown below to 22 AWG or 24 AWG wires. Use the 22 AWG if the cable run is going to be longer. Here are pics of the 882LM circuit board showing the button legs to solder.

    5. Connect the wires from the 882LM button legs to the NO and COM terminals of any one of the 4CH Pro relays.

    6. Connect the RED/WHITE contact onthe 882LM to the RED/WHITE terminals of the 8550W GDO.

    7. Power on the Sonoff 4CH Pro and use the HS3 Garage Door control device to toggle its relay to trigger the opening/closing of the garage door.

    8. Include the Ecolink Z-Wave Tilt Sensor into your Zwave network and place it on the upper part of the garage door. The opening and closing of the door will show an Opened or Closed status on the sensor's HS3 device.

    9. Here are the HS3 Garage Door Devices:

    10. Use Alexa Routines to enable voice commands to open and close the garage door. You will need the HomeSeer Smarthome Skill enabled and your Garage Door MQTT device discovered.

    Reference Website Credits not mentioned above: