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Sending an MQTT message

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  • Pete
    Got it.

    This is relating to concurrent use of Home Assistant and sending MQTT command from Homeseer 3 / mcsMQTT to HA.

    Apologies Michael as this was more related to Home Assistant than mcsMQTT.

    So enabled the following in the Home assistant yaml configuration file.

    base_topic: homeassistant
    publish_attributes: true
    publish_timestamps: true

    and now with mcsMQTT can send and receive MQTT messages from Homeseer to HA or vice versa.

    For example TTS of back door open to one Amazon Echo. (note this is the same as I do today with speaker.exe)

    Topic: homeassistant/automation/back_door_open_echo_1/friendly_name
    Payload: "Back Door Open - Echo-1"

    Topic: homeassistant/script/1554062051727/friendly_name
    Payload: "FlashBriefing - Dot-1"

    The DOT-1 is connected to the Russound zoned audio system.

    This will allow me to send same TTS coming from Homeseer SAPI to all Alexa devices or one Alexa device.

    Well and Alexa commands via Homeseer ==> MQTT ==> HA.

    This will also work sending TTS to the Squeezebox players (jogglers) and Kodi boxes which I have around the house.

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  • Pete
    The HS3 event involves time sync but here only want to send a message when the event runs...something like

    Event XXX ran....nothing else really at this time...

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  • Michael McSharry
    If your topic is x/y and you want to sent current time then the text box would be x/y=$$TIME. if date and time the x/y=$$DATE $$TIME

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  • Pete
    started a topic Sending an MQTT message

    Sending an MQTT message

    Trying to send out an MQTT message from Homeseer relative to time. Basically just wanting to send the message out during an hourly chime.

    I know this is easy to do. What is it I put in the configuration to do this?

    This relates to an endeavor sending out either curl commands or MQTT stuff. MQTT will be much easier.

    Click image for larger version

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