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Create a device with string box as control

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  • Create a device with string box as control

    Hi Michael,

    I do not know if I missed this, but is it possible to create an hs3 device ( to publish on mqtt topic) that have a string box , from the plugin? So that way I could write what I want to send as a payload directly from the hs3 devices page ?


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    On Edit tab use Control/Status UI of Text and have a publish topic defined.


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      I think I made grammar mistakes on the OP.

      On the first picture this is the mqtt I want the hs3 device to publish to.
      But i would like to have a String control box on the hs3 device itself. So i could write wtv string I want to the mqtt topic., from the hs3 device page (or from a mobile app like hs3touch or HSmobile).

      On the second picture, the only box i can create is for values, and not string.

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        The problem is that HS prohibits plugins from modifying many of the properties of devices created by other plugins. Since you are controlling a non-plugin device you only have the UI setup by that original plugin. Some things on the devices Value/Status tab of Device Management can be modified by the user, but I do not think HS provides the means to change the control UI for the device.

        If you want to do this with mcsMQTT then you would need to create a dummy device that subscribes to something and use the Control UI of Text. You would then need to link device 1187 with the mcsMQTT device such as with an event so that changes in 1187 are reflected in changes in the mcsMQTT device.


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          Thanks Michael