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Duplicate Devices/Topics keep getting created in the plug in

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  • Duplicate Devices/Topics keep getting created in the plug in

    I keep getting duplicated "topics" in the plug in and it stops updating the old device links. It works for a while, then out of now where it creates new devices and the old ones dont work. I figure I am missing something simple but for the life of me cant find it.

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    When using the Edit tab and the plugin devices are being displayed a check is made to confirm that the HS device that is associated with a topic does still exist. If it does not then one is created. This is the only place I see were automatic creation of new devices occurs. Perhaps we can investigate further by looking at the database maintained by mcsMQTT that contains the device/topic relationships. It is in subfolder \data\mcsMQTT. The current one is mcsMQTT.db. Prior ones have the date as part of their name. If you post a prior one and current one where some topic was given a new device. Identify the topic that has changed.


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      attached. i had debugging enabled but is a large file. getting it moved to drop box. this is a pain from ipad
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        thanks btw


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          Good collection of data. Of particular interest is a pair of garage temp topics received 6 seconds apart. One was not accepted and the second was seen as a new topic. This is where device 1910 was created. There is considerable amount of data being collected at the rate of about three events per seconds about energy use. My suspicion is that a backlog is being generated and eventually this causes the issues. On the Statistics tab at the bottom you can observe the message receipt rate and depth of queue of unprocessed messages. My guess is that your queue depth is increasing rather than hovering around 0.

          The older database does not contain any subscribed topics. Why I don't know, but is consistent with the above observation that the information is becoming backlogged and gets beyond the design provisions.

          I have two suggestions at this point. One is to disable debug as this is producing much data about the energy use events that consumes CPU resources. The second is to select Express mode on the Association tab for your MQTT topics. This will streamline the processing. I think the implications of express mode is that history and charting will not be available. You can do combinations of the two suggestions, but first do look at the Statistics tab to understand this part of it.

          6/11/2019 12:26:23 PM    69746714    | ActoOnMessageForTrigger Topic /ESP_EasyGarage/DHT11/TemperatureDHT11,Payload=66.20  
          6/11/2019 12:26:29 PM    69753169    | MessageSourceExists SELECT count(Source) as extant FROM MQTT_MESSAGE WHERE (Source='/ESP_EasyGarage/DHT11/TemperatureDHT11')=0  
          6/11/2019 12:26:29 PM    69753195    | AddRecord INSERT INTO MQTT_MESSAGE (Source, Topic, Payload, Template, Pattern, Replace, Match, LastDate, Reject, Express, Accept, RetainFlag, PluginDevice, Subscribe, History, Ref, Misc, QOS, StatusType, Chart, ChangeType) Values ('/ESP_EasyGarage/DHT11/TemperatureDHT11','','66.20','','','','0','2019-06-11 12:26:23',0,0,0,0,1,0,0,-1,262400,0,2,0,1), result=1  
          6/11/2019 12:26:29 PM    69753225    | Update Accepted 1910 to 66.20 StatusType=2  
          6/11/2019 12:26:29 PM    69753227    | Updating Device from 0 PayloadNumeric=True  
          6/11/2019 12:26:29 PM    69753245    | MessageSourceExists SELECT count(Source) as extant FROM MQTT_MESSAGE WHERE (Source='/ESP_EasyGarage/DHT11/TemperatureDHT11')=1  
          6/11/2019 12:26:29 PM    69753274    | UpdateRecord UPDATE MQTT_MESSAGE SET Source='/ESP_EasyGarage/DHT11/TemperatureDHT11',Topic='',Payload='66.20',Template='',Pattern='',Replace='',Match='0',LastDate='2019-06-11 12:26:23',Reject=0,Express=0,Accept=1,RetainFlag=0,PluginDevice=1,Subscribe=0,Chart=0,History=0,Ref=1910,ChangeType=1,Misc=262400,QOS=0,StatusType=2 WHERE (Source='/ESP_EasyGarage/DHT11/TemperatureDHT11'), result=1, Key=Source  
          6/11/2019 12:26:29 PM    69753278    | HSEvent VALUE_CHANGE| 1024| /ESP_EasyGarage/DHT11/TemperatureDHT11| 66.2| 0| 1910


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            Sorry for the late reply, I it seems to be working now, I bet it was the debugging I had selected when I was trying to get it work. So far so good. Thanks again.