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Variable Setting from MQTT Payload

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  • Variable Setting from MQTT Payload

    Ok, maybe this has been asked before, I'm not even quite sure how to formulate a search query to fully explain what I want to do so here it goes...

    What I want to do is take the payload that is passed via MQTT using the mcsMQTT plugin from my Ring Doorbell. What I want to do is have the doorbell publish the snapshot URL of the doorbell ring event to MQTT, then have an event in HomeSeer watch that topic for the incoming snapshot URL (the payload) and then take that URL and forward it to my chromecast which is connected to my TV so I can see who is at the front door.

    Is that achievable?

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    I am familiar with Ring or Chromecast communications but I must assume that you have a mechanism for Ring to publish MQTT with snapshot URL and you have a mechanism from HS to communicate with Chromecast. I will further assume that the Chromecast can be commanded with a HS event action or based upon the contents of a HS Device String. mcsMQTT can store a payload in Device String if the topic control/status UI is set to text. The plugin can also trigger an event based upon a topic. If you can provide some info on how you communicate with Chromecast from HS then a more specific response can be provided.


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      Although this has been done using KODI, (I assume not everyone uses KODI) but at least start here : to maybe have some clues of how it maybe implemented using other ways.

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        Thanks for the quick responses. Yes, I'm using the iobroker method for capturing the ring doorbell events as seen here:

        Im using the Chromecast plug-in right now. Still exploring all options though.

        I'm going to play with your suggestion and see what I can get going.

        Thanks again


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          In the iobroker reference it states ". In this example the topic is ringdoorbell/event and the payload can be either "motion", "ding" or "null"." I assume there are other configurations available where the URL of the snapshot is provided as the payload.

          I searched for Chromecast plugin and the first that showed up was AK Google Cast plugin and it did show an image in the intro. I got the impression that the URL of the image was manually entered. This may not be the only option, but what you need is a mechanism where the URL is dynamically done. This is usually done by DeviceString, Substitution variables or plugin script function. The plugin author provides the capability.

          If you need anything from mcsMQTT changed to support your effort then let me know.


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            Thanks will do! I still need to dig into it a bit more.