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Can Subscribe but can't Publish?

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  • Can Subscribe but can't Publish?

    I'm using KingFetty's Wemo Plugin for my Wemo Devices.

    When I setup an association with the Wemo Dimmer I can get the subscription to the topic to work and the device brightness value updates based on what is published to the topic.

    However. When I try to have the Wemo Dimmer publish it's value back to a topic no change nothing happens. I can see the value changing in HomeSeer but it never get's published. I've tried the exact same configuration with a Z-Wave dimmer and it works in both directions.

    I'm confused about the differentiation of a Non-Plugin Device and Plug-In Device in mcsMQTT... I feel like this is probably my problem. Not sure how to fix it though.

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    I assume the Wemo plugin creates a HS device for the dimmer. From mcsMQTT's perspective this is a non-plugin device because mcsMQTT did not create it.

    I am confused about how MQTT is related to the Wemo plugin. What I think you indicated is that there is another entity that is publishing MQTT topic and when this entity publishes mcsMQTT updates the HS dimmer device value.

    When you associated this subscription topic to the dimmer device in mcsMQTT Association tab, you also defined a publish topic on the Association tab. If from HS you change the dimmer value I would expect the Wemo plugin to communicate to the Wemo dimmer. I would expect mcsMQTT to send the MQTT topic you setup to be published. There would need to be some other entity that is subscribed to this same MQTT publish topic and this entity would do something based upon receiving the topic.

    If you provide more specifics to help me understand then I should be able to provide additional guidance.


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      Yes, the Wemo plugin created the dimmer device. I am using MQTT to control the dimmer remotely outside of HomeSeer (Using HA-Bridge to link to Harmony Hub). It works in one direction. I setup the subscribe in mcsMQTT to watch the topic being published by HA-Bridge. When HA Bridge updates the topic the Wemo device responds as expected. Now I want to relay the status of the Wemo back to HA-Bridge with another update to a different topic so when the dimmer value is changed on the HomeSeer end of things that change is pushed back to HA-Bridge... Make sense?

      I have setup a Publish topic for the same device in the Associations tab as you mention but the topic never gets updated with the Wemo's dimmer value when changing in HomeSeer. It does however work if I do the exact same thing on a Z-Wave device, so my guess is it has something to do with the Wemo Plugin not notifying mcsMQTT. But that's just my guess.


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        mcsMQTT responds to HS Events. The Edit tab which you can access most easily by clicking from the Assocation tab Ref button for the row with your device of interest, has checkboxes for which of up to three events will trigger the publish event. Default is DeviceValue. If the Wemo Plugin is changing DevceValue then it should generate an event and mcsMQTT should then publish the topic that is setup as the publish topic for this device. If the Wemo plugin is doing something else then there are two other events that an be selected on the Edit tab. The debug, which is enabled from the top of the General tab, should also show the event triggers that are raised by HS. If you collect data then I can look at it. The .txt file will be in \data\mcsMQTT.


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          Ok attached is the Log.. I had to trim it back a bit because of the upload limit.. I did scan it and I can see a ton of HSEvents in there for other devices on Value change but I search the Device ID (146) and the Name (Basement On/Off/Dim) and nothing comes up in the log...
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            Did you try to change the event type to Log or even string for device 146 on the Edit tab? Suggest restarting plugin after you change the event type if the new event type has not been used elsewhere.