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    Pete SetOption19 1 is what you do at the Console page from Tasmota at the IP of the GDO.

    I took a look at Zigbee2MQTT's implementation of HomeAssistant discovery and it is different. Below is the disclosure for a Xiaomi Aqara water leak sensor. There were three /config messages. One for binary_sensor and two for sensor. What they have done is a separate topic for each json item being disclosed. These being water_leak, battery, and linkquality. While there is a good attempt to define a protocol by HomeAssistant, the interpretation of this by each developer is different and that makes it difficult for something like mcsMQTT (or HomeAssistant) to recognize the actual disclosure. I understand why it was done this way for Zigbee2MQTT as it wants to disclose all of the items it is reporting while Tasmota and ESPHome only disclosed the primary items. Additional logic will be needed in mcsMQTT to recognize the same state topic being declared for multiple items and these items comprising a json payload set of keys.

    9:41:04 PM homeassistant/binary_sensor/0x00158d00026e2bf1/water_leak/config=
    {"payload_on":true,"payload_off":false,"value_template":"{{ value_json.water_leak }}","device_class":"moisture",
    "json_attributes_topic":"zigbee/0x00158d00026e2bf1","name":"0x00158d00026e2bf1_water_leak","unique_id":"0x00158d00026e2bf1_water_leak_zigbee","device":{"identifiers":"zigbee2mqtt_0x00158d00026e2bf1","name":"0x00158d00026e2bf1","sw_version":"Zigbee2mqtt 1.2.1","model":"Aqara water leak sensor (SJCGQ11LM)","manufacturer":"Xiaomi"},"availability_topic":"zigbee/bridge/state"}
    9:41:04 PM homeassistant/sensor/0x00158d00026e2bf1/battery/config={"unit_of_measurement":"%","device_class":"battery","value_template":"{{ value_json.battery }}",
    "json_attributes_topic":"zigbee/0x00158d00026e2bf1","name":"0x00158d00026e2bf1_battery","unique_id":"0x00158d00026e2bf1_battery_zigbee","device":{"identifiers":"zigbee2mqtt_0x00158d00026e2bf1","name":"0x00158d00026e2bf1","sw_version":"Zigbee2mqtt 1.2.1","model":"Aqara water leak sensor (SJCGQ11LM)","manufacturer":"Xiaomi"},"availability_topic":"zigbee/bridge/state"}
    9:41:04 PM homeassistant/sensor/0x00158d00026e2bf1/linkquality/config={"unit_of_measurement":"-","value_template":"{{ value_json.linkquality }}",
    "json_attributes_topic":"zigbee/0x00158d00026e2bf1","name":"0x00158d00026e2bf1_linkquality","unique_id":"0x00158d00026e2bf1_linkquality_zigbee","device":{"identifiers":"zigbee2mqtt_0x00158d00026e2bf1","name":"0x00158d00026e2bf1","sw_version":"Zigbee2mqtt 1.2.1","model":"Aqara water leak sensor (SJCGQ11LM)","manufacturer":"Xiaomi"},"availability_topic":"zigbee/bridge/state"}


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      Thank you Michael.

      Tried it. Not a big issue as I have it configured in HS3 and it is working fine.

      SetOption19 1 is what you do at the Console page from Tasmota at the IP of the GDO.

      20:25:25 CMD: SetOption19 1
      20:25:25 MQT: GarageDoor1/RESULT = {"Command":"Unknown"}

      RESULT = {"Command":"Unknown"}

      - Pete

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