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Properly removing an existing mcsMQTT device from HS3

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    Properly removing an existing mcsMQTT device from HS3

    Michael... I copied the last information you provided previously, reformatted, and started a new topic here; thinking this will be more beneficial to discuss as a stand-alone subject. Questions follow the scenario descriptions.

    Scenarios for removing MQTT devices.

    #1. Uncheck the “a” box at the Association table list
    Deletes only the HS Device. It does not do anything with the subscribed Topic.

    #2. Selecting the ref and then using “Delete Sub and Ref” or using “Obsolete”
    The Edit Tab "Delete Sub and Ref" and the Association Tab Obsolete column for the same topic have the same effect of removing both the Topic and the Device. If the Topic is received again then it will be created again for display on the Association Tab. The Obsolete action can also be done from the General tab, Inbound Management section, by entering the Topic in the Obsolete row text box.

    #3. From the device configuration screen, using the “Delete” button
    Deletes the HS Device just as the others, but leaves mcsMQTT thinking that the device still exists. If the Topic is received it will try to update the non-existent Device. I had considered checking to confirm HS devices are present during startup, but elected not to do it because of the startup time burden it could incur for those who have many HS Device mapped via mcsMQTT.

    The above “explain” some things I observed and with some additional information I can avoid asking you easy questions and focus on any real issues I find.
    1. Unchecking the “a” box should never be used???
    2. Deleting from the device configuration screen should never be used???
    3. What is the effect (good or bad) of mcsMQTT “thinking a device still Exists”???
    4. Can I manually clean garbage in my database that appears to be currently causing me issues???

    The normal process is #1 or #2 depending upon the objective. These are what you should use for most situations.

    #3 I did not analyze the source, but there should be no first order effects. As new devices are associated with missing parents or edit of the orphaned topic could result in something unexpected.

    #4 can be done to remove memory of mcsMQTT of previously observed topics and devices. The intention is that mcsMQTT provides the UI to accomplish the pruning so working outside the supervision of the plugin could result In unintended results.