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Parent - Child devices disappearing from association table.

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    Parent - Child devices disappearing from association table.

    Hi Michael, running Version

    why I am seeing parent/child in device manager 3408-3411 (it is functionnal, responds)

    Click image for larger version

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    but not in the Association Table ?

    Click image for larger version

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    only 3408/Parent appears and no child or values. can't find/click on the original sub used to create parent/child.
    It looks ok when originally created but eventually vanishes from the AT.
    Same goes for all my other HSB devices.
    I have other parsed items, only HSB seems to be the issue.

    I know you've implemented many changes regarding parsing and parent-child integration for HS4 since our last discussion (Temperature/humidity sensors / data parsing)
    And I've noticed that some things are easier to configure now.
    so is it some new option I haven't noticed and should be enabling/disabling ?


    This is probably something you can help me with as this looks like a special situation that I forgot about.

    In the Association table the parent is based upon topic hierarchy. ...HSBColor will be the parent of HSBColor:1.

    Now when a Association is made the plugin looks for a parent topic of other items at the same topic level. If it finds it the it reuses that parent for the new Association. If not then it creates a new HS parent. The logic is not perfect since there are some special cases, especially around all the different ways color is encoded. What I do not see offhand is why the stat topic shows 3408 in the Association tab. I also did not intend to allow parent devices to have controls or show status since HS4 does not allow it. If looks like 3408 is either not a HS parent device or it mistakenly has color picker control. Can you look at 3408 in HS and see if it is a parent or child and if parent does it have the three H, S and B devices as children.

    Can you describe the topic/payload and what you expect mcsMQTT to do with it? What control/status type are you using on the edit tab for it? It would help if I have your mcsMQTT.db so I can see the details of what mcsMQTT did. McsSolutions at CenturyTel dot net.


      ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ Ok here it is:

      The two pictures above is the end result after creating the devices, deleting the parent (not needed) and keeping the child (color picker, H, S, B)
      for some reason, the devices remain ok but the AT eventually loses track and converts color picker to parent.
      I did it a few times so will try again and report results live:

      - delete 3408 from AT : 3408 automatically deleted from DM and the 3 remaing child (3409-3411 H,S,B) show as separate in DM.
      - stat/RGBWW1/RESULT:HSBColor still appears in AT with no payload + association checkbox....
      - manually delete it as obsolete
      - restart device to get new HSBcolor payload, works.
      - click association on Sub: stat/RGBWW1/RESULT:HSBColor, new ref 2469 created.
      - DM shows:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	!!!!!.JPG Views:	0 Size:	12.9 KB ID:	1390769
      - click ref number and click HSB, add topic cmnd/RGBWW1/HSBColor

      Click image for larger version  Name:	aaaa.JPG Views:	0 Size:	28.8 KB ID:	1390770
      Click image for larger version  Name:	bbbb.JPG Views:	0 Size:	17.3 KB ID:	1390771
      - manually delete 3409-3411 from DM since they don't appear in AT. new devices are automatically reassigned a color picker and sliders
      Click image for larger version  Name:	cccc.JPG Views:	0 Size:	28.6 KB ID:	1390772
      - delete 3468 from AT since I have no use for it. It is automatically deleted from DM (it appears twice as single device + group) and everything else remains fine (3469-3472)
      - 3469 still shows in AT + payload
      - tamsota module rebooted/commands sent, still good.
      - HS3 reboot, boom. 3469 is now a parent, no payload.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	eeeee.JPG Views:	0 Size:	6.7 KB ID:	1390773

      current mcsMQTT.db sent + 2 archives from today, yesterday.

      hope this helps,

      Keep me posted, thx.


        Forgot to answer regarding my expectations, really simple: what mcsmqtt automatically populates when clicking HSB in the edit tab is perfectly fine (color picker on full result and sliders on parsed H.S.B.). Just need the ability to get rid of the parent device without losing sync with the association tab + remove 2nd instance of the parent device in the device manager which is probably not intended and related to the issue. Thx


          I went through the ColorHSB logic and made updates for how I expect it to behave. The parent topic is now the same for the color picker and the three sliders. Previously the color picker was the parent for the sliders. It seems to me that the payload template should be something other than blank for the necessary JSON formatting on color change command. Likely it was that way in your database because you were just testing to give me data.


            Hi Michael, the file/link is corrupted, can you reupload? Thx

            edit: works now thx


              Same behavior

              I tested without deleting the parent device, rebooted HS3, now I have 2 associations without an edit menu or payload.

              Click image for larger version

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                edit: hold on.... for some reason, I had version instead of
                will test in a second


                  I suggest from the Association tab, uncheck the A column checkbox for the HSBColor topic and let the plugin create a new one. Go to edit tab to change type to HSB. If there are leftovers in HS then manually remove them.

                  My internet connection is problematic with upload speeds measured in bit/sec and not kilo or mega units. It takes awhile and hope it does not abort.


                    Ok. All working good now; Thx Michael;

                    One last thing, not a big deal but I've noticed that you adapted some sliders to the actual function : IE: Hue 1-360, etc.
                    Did you consider adding CT - 153-500 (
                    I currently do it manually, not a big effort but could be nice to have it preconfigured.

                    Thx again, cheers!


                      It seems there are several light variants with only Tasmota and then other firmware providers as well. I can understand doing things in the plugin to be able to user HS color picker or a specific family such as Shelly or WLED. In this case it seems all the tools are in place for a natural integration so I think I will pass on the CCT light.


                        No worries, thanks Micheal.


                          Hi Michael, it seems a small bug was introduced in or maybe I am missing something:

                          The HSB color picker publishes but the 3 child/sliders (HSBcolor 1, 2, 3) don't publish;

                          They do adjust in HS when parent/HSBcolor is modified but can't seem to publish on their own.

                          Is something disabled or is this a bug ? Let me know, thanks!


                            just also noticed that under Device manager, they are displayed as separate devices, not in the same parent/child type group as usual;
                            Am I forced to keep the parent device in the association table? it was not the case before.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	qwer.JPG
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                            also tested while keeping parent device, still doesn't work:

                            Click image for larger version

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                            Attached Files


                              I took care of the post #13 issue with Control with color picker or control with sliders will result in the same publish topic & template with the three individual values of H, S and B.

                              I am not understanding the expectation with #14. If a parent device is removed then the linkage information that HS uses for grouping display is lost and results in the first screenshot. The second one is as expected with a group under the RESULT topic/parent when the parent is not deleted. Perhaps you previously had the color picker as the parent and the sliders as grouped children. This scenario is no longer possible as HS4 does not allow controls on parent devices.