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Gosund SW1 switch firmware update

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    Gosund SW1 switch firmware update

    Purchased a Gosund SW1 switch a couple of days ago. Priced right on Amazon $16.99 USD.

    I will be using this switch for the garage lighting. It will be triggered by two door sensors - IE: garage door and garage to house door.
    Last year installed LED bright lighting in the garage for daylight look. This garage has a 12 foot ceiling height which is a bit difficult to work in.

    Going to update this switch to Tasmota / Espurna firmware using Tuya-Convert 2.

    There are two Tasmota Templates mentioned over here ==>


    This switch would be using base Tasmota Bin with the template mentioned above.

    The alternative is to utilize Espurna firmware which is here ====>


    Here is a picture of the pre-installation hard ware configuration. I use an old computer power cable cut and connected to the switch.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Gosund-1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	142.8 KB ID:	1403376

    Updating firmware using terminal window in Ubuntu 18.04 on my Lenova Laptop.

    Here is a copy and paste of the firmware upgrade. NOTE: you should see the following if your firmware OTA is working

    /home/pete/Downloads/tuya-convert# ./
    tuya-convert v2.4.4
    Checking for network interface wlp4s0... Found.
    Checking UDP port 53... Occupied by systemd-resolve with PID 876.
    Port 53 is needed to resolve DNS queries
    Do you wish to terminate systemd-resolve? [y/N] y
    Attempting to stop systemd-resolved.service
    Checking UDP port 67... Available.
    Checking TCP port 80... Available.
    Checking TCP port 443... Available.
    Checking UDP port 6666... Available.
    Checking UDP port 6667... Available.
    Checking TCP port 1883... Occupied by mosquitto with PID 961.
    Port 1883 is needed to run MQTT
    Do you wish to terminate mosquitto? [y/N] y
    Attempting to stop mosquitto.service
    Checking TCP port 8886... Available.
    Starting AP in a screen..
    Starting web server in a screen
    Starting Mosquitto in a screen
    Starting PSK frontend in a screen
    Starting Tuya Discovery in a screen


    1. Connect any other device (a smartphone or something) to the WIFI vtrust-flash
    This step is IMPORTANT otherwise the smartconfig may not work!
    2. Put your IoT device in autoconfig/smartconfig/pairing mode (LED will blink fast). This is usually done by pressing and holding the primary button of the device
    Make sure nothing else is plugged into your IoT device while attempting to flash.
    3. Press ENTER to continue

    Starting smart config pairing procedure
    Waiting for the device to install the intermediate firmware
    Put device in EZ config mode (blinking fast)
    Sending SSID vtrust-flash
    Sending wifiPassword
    Sending token 00000000
    Sending secret 0101
    SmartConfig complete.
    Resending SmartConfig Packets
    ....../ line 135: 10341 Terminated ./smartconfig/
    ............................................................ ...........................
    IoT-device is online with ip
    Fetching firmware backup
    % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
    Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
    100 1024k 100 1024k 0 0 69003 0 0:00:15 0:00:15 --:--:-- 32498
    curl: Saved to filename 'firmware-c4091f.bin'
    Getting Info from IoT-device
    (c) VTRUST GMBH hxxps://
    READ FLASH: hxxp://
    ChipID: c4091f
    MAC: E0:98:06:C4:09:1F
    BootVersion: 7
    BootMode: normal
    FlashMode: 1M DOUT @ 40MHz
    FlashChipId: 144051
    FlashChipRealSize: 1024K
    Active Userspace: user2 0x81000
    Ready to flash third party firmware!

    For your convenience, the following firmware images are already included in this repository:
    Tasmota v8.1.0.2 (wifiman)
    ESPurna 1.13.5 (base)

    You can also provide your own image by placing it in the /files directory
    Please ensure the firmware fits the device and includes the bootloader

    Available options:
    0) return to stock
    1) flash espurna.bin
    2) flash tasmota.bin
    q) quit; do nothing

    Please select 0-2: 1

    Are you sure you want to flash espurna.bin? This is the point of no return [y/N] y

    Attempting to flash espurna.bin, this may take a few seconds...
    Flashed hxxp:// successfully in 9723ms, rebooting...
    Look for an ESPURNA-XXXXXX SSID to which you can connect and configure
    Default password is "fibonacci"
    Be sure to upgrade to your device specific firmware for proper function!

    Do you want to flash another device? [y/N] n
    Cleaning up...
    Closing AP

    It'll install a base Espurna firmware. Here next update it to Gosund Espurna firmware.

    Updated to Espurna firmware. Here is a screen picture.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	GosundEspurna.jpg Views:	4 Size:	51.5 KB ID:	1403410
    - Pete

    Auto mator
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