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Anyone on a Windows machine created a Zigbee network map?

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    Anyone on a Windows machine created a Zigbee network map?

    I am trying to find out how to create a network map on a windows machine. I know there is the graphviz tool that can create the map after you gather the data. I have seen posts for using HA, Openhab and/or linux, but when asked in the Zigbee2mqtt forum about how to accomplish the same in windows the question went unanswered.

    I have gotten as far as finding this message to create the graphiz data -> zigbee2mqtt/bridge/networkmap/graphviz

    But don't know how or where to save the data, so it can be pasted on the graphiz site.

    I obviously know just enough to be dangerous (or maybe not even that much). I have started to play around with MQTT Explorer. I say that as I can and have have published through that app, but don't know yet how to subscribe to something. I say that because one post stated you have to subscribe and publish the map messages at the same time.

    I know this is not a mcsMQTT issue but hoping someone here has already accomplished this and could share.

    Thanks in advance.

    I have not done what you are asking. RPi or Linux VM are low cost ways to accomplish specific tasks that don’t seem to have Windows support. Even zigbee2mqtt/mosquito is uphill on Windows.