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    Version Updates

    Version contains multiple feature additions and updates. Not yet in Updater, but available at and

    1. For HS4 only, mcsMQTT now support Event conditions for MQTT Receive condition
    2. Event actions can now use all inline substitution variables rather than the handful of HS-oriented (e.g. DVR) substitution variables. In essence substitutions variables are the same for incoming payload and for outgoing payloads with outgoing containing << and >> as demarcation to indicate use of an expression.
    3. Added SRound as an expression method. This provides the means to use mixed string and number expressions to allow the result of a numeric expression to be merged in a JSON or other text string.
    4. Chr as a expression operator just did not work because of Chr being a native .NET operator. It was changed to Char
    5. mcsMQTT now supports triggers based upon DeviceValue updates even if the value did not change when the value was written.

    The manual was updated to reflect use of the above. In addition it included a recent project descriptions for use of Tasmota for Alexa-controller IR control and general IR learning. This allows things such as "Alexa, turn on camera" to view a camera on Fire TV or other Alexa-compatible video display device.

    A second project for use of ultrasonic range sensor with Tasmota to report home/away of a vehicle. It contains a good description of how to apply Tasmota rules perform local logic. This allow for Alexa announcements of "xxxx has left" and "xxxx has returned".

    Manual exists in plugin zip file and also at

    Thank for the update , really happy with number 1 . I also found at the same time that you updated the look of the trigger/ condition and action in the event dropdown.


      Can you port #1 to HS3? I suspect a lot of people are not ready to try HS4 yet... I'd like to let HS4 simmer for 6+ months before attempting it since there is no real feature upgrades, just a face lift at this point.



        Conditions for HS3 version were put in In HS4 the AND IF / OR IF combinatorial logic is done by HS. The plugin only needs to independently assess each entry in a multi-line trigger . In HS3 the plugin needs to evaluate all lines of an event trigger and do the AND/OR logic itself.