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    I had been using the HS3 plugin version from maybe 3 to 5 months ago which is the version /cmd had been working for me in. was my first time using the HS4 version.
    I'm happy to report that is working for me. As always, thanks for fixing it so quickly!
    HS4Pro running on HP ProDesk
    Plugins: Z-Wave, mcsMQTT, SDJ-Health, CurrentCost
    HA 0.117.5 running on ThinkCenter M73
    Add-ons: AccuWeather, Adaptive Lighting, Alexa Media Player, COVID-19, Geofency, Google Cast, HACS, Insteon, IPP, Life360, Local IP, Logitech Harmony Hub, Mobile App, MQTT, Nest, OpenWeather, OpenZWave, SpeedTest, Ubiquiti UniFi, Zigbee
    Integrations: AppDaemon, Duck DNS, Entiry Controller, File Editor, Google Drive Backup, Home Panel, Mosquitto, NGINX SSL Proxy, Samba, TasmoAdmin, Terminal SSH, motionEye
    OpenZWave 1.6 running on RPi3B+ with RaZberry controller