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Topic not updating in mcsMQTT

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    Topic not updating in mcsMQTT

    I have an instance where some of the payloads aren't updating for certain topics. Topics added yesterday implementing the Hugo button remote. The below battery command succeeds and the payload displayed correctly in the association table. However, the button command topic is not updated. Even though it's displayed using the mosquito_sub command.

    The mcsMQTT Debug file has an entry "Update accepted" for the battery topic. However, there is no "Updated accepted" entry for the button1 topic, but there is a ProcessMessage.

    My HomeSeer installation makes heavy use of mcsMQTT. 100's of topics. The problem at hand seems to be isolated to the hugo topics. Not sure why these are behaving different and any guidance is appreciated.

    Pub commands issued:
    chris@mqtt:~$ mosquitto_pub -t "home/hugo2/battery" -m 88849153 (note: There is nothing special about 88849152 or 8884913 other than needing a unique identifier to search)
    chris@mqtt:~$ mosquitto_pub -t "home/hugo2/button1" -m 88849152

    mosquitto_sub -v -t "home/hugo2/#" results:
    home/hugo2/battery 88849153
    home/hugo2/button1 88849152


    Association Table.jpg
    mcsMQTT Debug failure sample.jpg
    mcsMQTT Debug success sample.jpg

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Name:	mcsMQTT Debug failure sample.jpg
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Name:	mcsMQTT Debug success sample.jpg
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    You cannot publish and subscribed on the same topic. mcsMQTT protects from circular logic. Normally a widget's status topic and its control topic are different. Quite often the control topic is the same as the status topic with /set or /cmd or /cmnd or /command suffix.


      Thought that might be the case. Thank you for the quick response. Know I really appreciate the commercial quality of the work you put into mcsMQTT. I'll have no issues paying for it if you ever decide to charge for the product.