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Defining Multiple Brokers - Caution, SPACES do matter

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    Defining Multiple Brokers - Caution, SPACES do matter

    Fell in to a hole today, because spaces are not easily seen.

    In the General tab, MQTT Broker Operations, entering broker IP address.

    Two 'typos' caused me some time today, so a note of information for all. Might be worth a note in the manual. These simple non visual errors can cause hours of frustration.

    Situation #1
    Entered 3 brokers, but there was an INCORRECT space between 233; SPACE 10.0,,,,,,;;

    This causes ONLY broker 233 to connect.

    Situation #2 having an INCORRECT [SPACE] at the end of the string, which is not obviously visible, causes broker 247 to not attempt connection.;;[SPACE]

    I will update the source to trim the user entry so spaces will not matter.