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    Broker Issues

    I have been trying to setup a Daikin A/C unit and discovered that the Broker is off line. I found this by looking at the debug log.

    How do I enable the mcsMQTT broker?


    The internal broker is enabled by using a blank or as the MQTT Broker IP setting on the General tab.
    Also assure that the disconnect from broker checkbox is not checked in the same table

    The Association tab has status information. Use the Topic T1 filter to select MQTT and the status of the mcsMQTT client to MQTT broker connection will be visible

    There are other lower level ways to evaluate the Internal Broker, but what is above should work.

    The mcsMQTT support for the Daikin does not use MQTT protocol, but a REST protocol so the MQTT broker has no bearing. You need to use the Local page, Intesis/Daiken tab and assure you have the IP entered and the WMP checkbox not checked to communicate with the Daikin using its WiFi interface.

    You will get pseudo-topics visible on the Association tab with the Topic starting with Daikin/ with the core information also visible as HS devices.


      Ah, thanks. I had as the ip address.

      As far as the Daikin is concerned I have the correct IP and the WMP protocol is not checked. I can use the URL to get the following return, yet I can't control the A/C using the plugin.

      PHP Code:
      ret=OK,type=aircon,reg=us,dst=1,ver=2_9_0,pow=1,err=0,locati on=0,name=%42%65%64%72%6f%6f%6d,icon=0,method=home only,port=30050,id=,pw=,lpw_flag=0,adp_kind=2,pv=0,cpv=0,cpv _minor=00,led=1,en_setzone=1,mac=747A9045DA2D,adp_mode=run,e n_hol=0,grp_name=,en_grp=
      Of course, as soon as I posted this, the plugin does turn the unit on and off. I think I might have been operator error. Will keep you advised.