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Shelly 1 PM (Power Monitor + Relay)

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  • Shelly 1 PM (Power Monitor + Relay)

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    Shelly 1PM is a single channel mains-power relay with energy and temperature monitoring. The relay is rated at 16 Amps so works well with standard 14 gauge wiring on a 15 Amp circuit breaker. Note the Shelly 2.5 is only rated at 10 Amps. The original Shelly 1PM did not have a UL certification but newer ones, at a higher price, can be obtained with the UL certification. Do note that the relay switches mains-power so, unlike the Shelly 1, it is not possible to use it as a dry-contact type relay.

    A setting is available to set the wattage level at which the relay is switched off as a protective measure. The browser with URL set to either the settings page or to the built-in HTTP server can be used to specify the setting. The example below assume the IP of the Shelly 1PM is The selection can also be done interactively by navigating to for access to the HTTP server.

    max_power number Shelly1PM only power threshold above which an overpower condition will be triggered
    Note that the Shelly 1 reports both C and F units for temperature. Unlike other Shelly units there is no setting to select only one. It is unlikely that both are desired so it is best disabled by removing the association on the Association tab of the MQTT page of the plugin. It is also possible to delete the device directly in HS Devices page.

    In addition to the max_power setting on the /settings URL, a second URL /settings/relay/0 can be used to set a number of parameters for the relay operation. Example is:


    The unit has a single mains-level input which can be configured as momentary, toggle, edge, detached or action modes. For status it provides either input or longpush status.

    The auto_off and auto_on settings are used when the relay is to be pulsed and return to its original state a specified number of seconds. When this setting is activated the MQTT status will be reported on each transition so HS will remain in sync with the actual state of the relay.

    When doing settings related to the schedule it is easier to use the HTTP server built-in to the Shelly 1.
    reset any Submitting a non-empty value will reset settings for the output to factory defaults
    name string Relay name
    default_state string Accepted values: off, on, last, switch
    btn_type string Accepted values: momentary, toggle, edge, detached, action
    btn_reverse bool Inverts the logical state of the input
    auto_on number Automatic flip back timer, seconds. Will engage after turning Shelly1PM OFF
    auto_off number Automatic flip back timer, seconds. Will engage after turning Shelly1PM ON
    btn_on_url string URL to access when SW input is activated
    btn_off_url string URL to access when SW input is deactivated
    out_on_url string URL to access when output is activated
    out_off_url string URL to access when output is deactivated
    longpush_url string URL to access on longpush
    shortpush_url string URL to access on shortpush
    schedule bool Enable schedule timer
    schedule_rules array of strings Rules for schedule activation, e.g. 0000-0123456-on