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using on RPi - doesnt install properly

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    using on RPi - doesnt install properly

    Using Plug-ins/manage and selecting install system reports install success. However Plug in does not appear in the manage plug-ins tab. I have HS-touch and CM15A plugins enabled and z-wave disabled, so not at the 5 plugin limit.

    Jul-12 4:26:03 PM Updater Starting download of updates
    Jul-12 4:26:03 PM Updater Downloading update: mcsXap
    Jul-12 4:26:04 PM Updater Update hspi_mcsxap.exe downloaded successfully
    Jul-12 4:26:04 PM Updater Installing package mcsXap
    Jul-12 4:26:04 PM Updater Extracting files from zip file:
    Jul-12 4:26:04 PM Error Bad filename of /usr/local/HomeSeer/Updates3/mcsXap3.0.0.69/ passed to UnZip function.
    Jul-12 4:26:04 PM Updater Extraction Complete.
    Jul-12 4:26:04 PM Updater Install/Update of package mcsXap was successful.
    Guidance / advise please on what to do.

    I cannot evaluate on my Rpi until next week, but it is easy to manually install. The latest is and can be downloaded from The only file you need from the zip is HSPI_MCSXAP.exe and it goes into the HS folder. Next start of HS it will see the plugin.

    If you do not otherwise have sqlite installed then you will also need to include sqlite3.dll from the zip into the same folder.