xAP plugin for HS3 and associated Manual Compatible with SQLLite dll with HS3 Corrected Save of selected devices, additional provisions for regional decimal, UID 4 digits Restore ability to create output devices Fix logic to retain setup triggers Attempt solution to use of comma as decimal character per regional settings Unable to save changes when Show Only Accepted option selected State key not converted to 0, 100 on OFF, ON, TOGGLE Selective database writes loose setup information Integrate State Level and Text and provide GUI for xAPBSC Establish convention for Homeseer sending xAPBSC with Level vs. State vs. Text xAP Setup does not show new Homeseer devices to select to send via xAP Device Strings are limited to 800 characters in xAP messages Incomplete xAPBSC messages being sent Protect from non existent mcsXap.ini file Look for On and Off in the Device Status pairs and set State= key based upon them Completed xAP Action event Use browser styles same as HS3 Consistent use of on/off values for both send and receive Implemented 10 minutes staggered xapbsc.info from HS3 Convert to VS 2013 / .NET 4.0 Improve handling of xap-x10 schema Add links to other xAP applications in subfolders Autostart xAP application on plugin startup Only start xAP applications that are not already running Implemented Delete checkbox function to remove messages from database Recreate Accepted HS devices if device no longer exists in HS3, but has been accepted Spawning \xAP applications results in startup error and disconnect from HS Create Dim graphic devices for Level messages Device Accept not retained on restart (Duplicate database records created) Return State=ON/OFF (without level) values to 100/0 rather than 7FFFFFFF 8000000 Repeating message on each xAP reception about ref not found Incorrect state information sent on dim request Add option on how state= key should be controlled on Level change command Allow xAP messages to be sent via device changes from scripts Clean up database to assure consistency with defined HS devices Start xAP applications if available to allow config file to be created V1.4 UID format not limited to 3 hex characters for end point Allow xAP devices to be controlled from HSTouch (ControlUse property) Include .config file so sqllite and other dlls will be found in \bin folder Events not triggered when DeviceManagement ON/OFF buttons used for xAP devices Set HS devices only if change from current value. Merge Linux and Windows versions Use HS3 jQuery for browser pages (settings do not require save button) Option added to configure UID used by HS3/mcsXap Show HS device location and name for accepted xap items on xAP Setup Page Process Message error suppression HS3 change events not being delivered via xAP Allow generic Weather.Report for group identifier in Weather.Report Class Database save error messages when plugin shuts down Linux-based updates DeviceValue updated to read Double rather than Integer value Improve recognition of X10 device codes when sending xap-x10.request Provided checkbox options for xap-x10.request, xapbsc and Max on Level for xapbsc.event

Plugin available in HS3 Updater
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