I have recently purchased a homeseer troller and I am looking to read data from my Nilan ventilation system - and control some settings as the Nilan system does not offer intelligent automation.

I have downloaded homeseer and modbus plugin trial SW to a windows PC - just to get started before paying for the plugin.

The Nilan system supports modbus TCP and the modbus protocol description can be found here:

I have defined the Nilan device I the modbus plugin and connection test shows OK.
I tried making a few devices to read the data, but never got it working.
I get very strange error messages I the modbus plugin log window
I assume that I have made some basic mistake in the definitions.

I have searched various forum for configuration examples, but with no luck.

Would you be able to provide screen shots of e.g. two devices -one for reading data and one for read/write data?
I am pretty sure that I just need to get the first ones running, then everything would be easy

Thanks in advance.