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    Waking up Gateway

    My inverter goes to "sleep" at night and doesn't wake up in the morning unless I click on the "Test" radio button. The inverter itself wakes up and operates just fine, it's just the communication via Modbus that needs a kick from pressing the "Test" button.

    However, I have no way that I can see of implementing that into an event. Can someone help me with a script that will do the equivalent of the "Test" button. I would activate this script via an event that would trigger shortly after sunrise?
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 09-23-18 at 04.55 PM.PNG Views:	1 Size:	43.6 KB ID:	1249060

    I still need to automatically activate the "Test" button everyday at sunrise to get the inverter to start spitting out data. It stays awake for two minutes, so I'm logging every 1m55s. However, without jogging the inverter every morning I'm pretty much sunk.

    In Chrome by right-clicking on the page, I get the following for the test button. Is there a way to make a script out of just this and have it execute via an event? Unfortunately I know nothing about writing scripts but I'm willing to try just about anything.

    <!-- jqButton Test_ID598385-->
    $(function() {
    $('#Test_ID598385').button({icons: {primary:'',secondary:''} });
    $('#Test_ID598385').click(function(e) {
    var theform =$('#'+$(this)[0];
    var theData = theform.serialize();
    returnTrue = false;
    theData = theData+'&id=''&Test=Submit';
    if(returnTrue) {
    return false;
    else {
    return false;
    <button type='submit' id='Test_ID598385' name='Test' >Test</button>
    <br><br><div id='mymessage' >


    <div id='FooterBefore' >


    <span id="tailfile">
    <style type="text/css">


      I realize now that pressing the "test" button activates something else in the modbus plug-in, probably something in a dll. But this is way beyond anything I could even think about doing.

      Can anybody help with this?


        Still stuck at this point. I have to press the "Test" button on the Modbus IP Gateway device and then the inverter wakes up. I am still looking for a way to automate this about sunrise every morning. Anyone?


          +1 - Anybody?


            This Modbus plugin is just not reliable. I have two gateways and the comms are always dropping out. The only fix I can come with it to automatically restart HS3 to fix the issue


              Since no one has piped up as to how to wake up the gateway, can someone suggest another forum that might be able to help me out?



                Hi Racerfern

                I see from a different forum that you have a SolarEdge inverter. I’ve recently also had one installed and would dearly love to do exactly as you’re trying to do. I see the plugin in being rewritten, do you know if this issue will be dealt with in the rewrite or is this something we should request?



                  Jez - I have not brought this up with the developer of this plug-in though I "assume" he has seen it. All I need is the equivalent of the "test" button to fire off at sunrise as everything else works.


                    I just encountered the same problem between Homeseer and a Click plc.

                    My suspicion is that the modbus goes to sleep on the Homeseer side also, since a working configuration was working a few days ago, but was sleeping today until I hit the test button for the modbus gateway.

                    To solve this I have setup a heartbeat which creates pulses every 5 seconds forcing the modbus to exchange information.

                    To do this I setup a timer in my plc and an event in Homeseer to exchange a 5 second handshake.

                    Not sure what registers are in your inverter, but I would look to see if you could do something similar.

                    It should be possible to setup a pulsing signal from Homeseer using event programming that turns on and off an inverter register - of course if there is one available.


                      Neil I was able to get around it but there was no way to do anything on the inverter side. So I installed Jon00EnableDisabe plug-in. At sunset I disable Modbus and at sunrise I enable it. It begins communicating right away without error.


                        Well just checked my work from yesterday and so far the Modbus is up and running pulsing back and forth between Homeseer and Click PLC.

                        A keep alive pulse seems to be the solution.

                        Your solution is good to know also incase I hit stability problems later, thanks.


                          racerfern - from where did you download this plug-in?


                            It's not easy getting to these but Jon00 is a prolific plug-in creator. I use a few regularly.


                            Also on the main forum screen search for "Jon00"


                              Racer, thanks found the plugin and installed. And yes he has a tremendous number of things for Homeseer.

                              On the modbus side Homeseer and Click are still pinging away, seems that a heartbeat is keeping the Modbus awake.