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    Neil For some unknown reason (which I will figure out) Modbus and Solaredge inverter stopped communicating during mid afternoon. I have an event that warns me when the current power production matches the previous power production (15 minutes ago). If that happens I get a text message warning me the system has frozen. Not sure why it happens on occasion but it happened today. I had to click that TEST button to get things working again. Now to hopefully write an event that somehow resolves that.


      And just to confirm, the handshake that I setup with the click PLC is still rocking away. This is the handshake I setup in Homeseer - note the to and from to differentiate input and output. In the click I have a 5 second timer that reciprocates the signal.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	click.jpg Views:	1 Size:	41.8 KB ID:	1267733


        Neil Please explain further as I still get occasional dropouts.
        1. Modbus heartbear (your virtual device)?
        2. PLC???

        I understand your concept of pulsing every 5 seconds but am lost with everything else.


          racerfern - there are two parts to my solution. In Homeseer and my Click PLC I use Modbus registers, these transmit data between outputs in the Click PLC.

          Modbus 8194 = Y002 (Click PLC address) "Modbus System Modbus from Click" - signal from Click to Homeseer
          Modbus 8208 = Y016 (Click PLC address) "Modbus System Modbus to Click" - signal from Homeseer to Click

          With regard to the events above - in Homeseer when it sees a signal from the click that the timer output (Y002) has gone positive (5 second timer) then with this "On" signal the event turns on the signal to Click (Y016), the ladder logic then resets the timer and then 5 seconds later turns off the signal to Click and the timer starts again (Y016 is toggled with a 5 second pulse).

          Click image for larger version  Name:	click logic.jpg Views:	2 Size:	33.9 KB ID:	1268318

          Having looked at the SolarEdge Modbus registers I am not sure if you have the ability in the SolarEdge to setup in the same way, you need programming flexibility to setup the SolarEdge side. Do you know if the inverter has any external inputs that are relayed through Modbus?