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Modbus communication reset

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    Modbus communication reset

    Communications to my Modbus device (SolarEdge Inverter) drops out every now and then.
    I am to get it restarted by either: changing a advance parameter (e.g. Read/Write Retries); or by disabling and re-enabling the plugin. Is there a way of automating any of these actions through scripting or events?

    I have tried using Jon00 plugin disable / enable utility ( but for some reason it does not recognize the Modbus plugin (it works for my other plugins)

    I now have Jon00's
    plugin disable / enable utility working. It used the event version (Version 2) rather than the script version (Version 1). Working like a charm now.
    Jon00's utility allows you to disable / enable the plugin through a virtual device (see the attached picture)

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      I have the Modbus plug-in and a Solaredge inverter as well. My issue is that every morning I have to manually press the "Test" button to get things going. After that, it works until sunset, when I disable the plug-in via event. The next morning at sunrise, the plug-in enables via an event but I still need to manually press the "Test" button.

      Is this similar to your situation?