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Unable to communicate with power energy modules

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    Unable to communicate with power energy modules

    I'm struggling with getting this plugin to work with PZEM-014/016 AC power energy modules. However, I got it working correctly on a program called 'Simply Modbus Master'.
    Gateway physical layer setting are set as per instructions (9600,8,1,no parity) with a device using 04-Input Register with register address 1. However I get following:

    Error in ReadValue: Checksums failed to match 1, 144, 9 != 1, 144, 9, 212, 82
    Error in Read: Checksums failed to match 1, 144, 9 != 1, 144, 9, 212, 82
    Read error for Energy-Volts
    and so on..

    On Simply Modbus Master, I get the following and seems to work fine without any hardware, driver changes (obviously plugin disabled)
    Click image for larger version

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    I've attached trace log of plug-in.

    Any suggests?

    I am a novice at modbus, so please be kind :-)

    I read this plugin is due for re-write. When is this likely to be completed? I've just purchased and feel a little disappointed it's not working.

    Panic over! I have it communicating. I was stupidly blinded to the fact I didnt change Parity to none!
    However, I'm struggling with getting some data and would like some help..
    I'm using PZEM-014 and PZEM-016 AC Modules (More info HERE)
    I read the voltage value with scale 0.1 but not sure how to measure the current, power and energy with 2x 16bits. How do I combine and scale the reading?


      Try selecting an Int32 as the return value for your register in the plugin. It should read the two consecutive Int16 registers and combine them into a single 32-bit value. Check you "big endian" settings on the gateway too, it looks like these are big endian values.
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