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Help interpret modbus documentation

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    Help interpret modbus documentation


    I have a Afore inverter connected to my solar panels. The inverter have wifi/rs485 connection.
    Have been in contact with a Afore technician and have gotten the RS485 communication documentation. Sadly, it is somewhat over my head.

    I'm not too familiar with modbus. Have just recently gotten my home ventilation to talk to homeseer.

    But this documentation does not contain the same information.
    I'm having problems finding out what address I should use the read the data from the inverter.

    Is there anyone that could have a look at this and maybe assist me?

    For my ventilation, the documentation clearly stated the address to be used for the different data, but not for the inverter.

    See section 3.3.2


    beerygaz, do you know if it is possible to use this plugin with the Frame format that this device is using?


      According to your documents, this device does not implement the modbus protocol but some proprietary protocol over RS485. I'm afraid the Modbus plugin isn't going to be able to communicate with this device if that's the only protocol supported.
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