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HS3 plugin not finding devices after a power outage recovery

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    HS3 plugin not finding devices after a power outage recovery

    I recently installed this plugin to control a couple Kasa plugs via events. I had a momentary power outage today and when the homeseer started up this plugiin it said 'No devices found' in the log (presumably because the router itself is starting up at the same time). However I would have expected the plugin to poll and discover the devices. It didn't. So the automatic events that ran never actually accomplished their tasks via this plugin (to turn off the plugs). Has anyone else experienced this. I had to manually restart this plugin before it was able to discover the devices to control. Let me know if there is a way around it as the events are controlling some aquarium lighting/CO2 in my case and I can't let them run past the allotted time esp. when I am away. thanks.

    Date/time=12/27/2020 10:41:45 AM CST
    Version=HS4 Pro Edition (Linux)
    MONO Version=Mono JIT compiler version (tarball Thu Apr 11 09:14:25 UTC 2019)

    Confguration File=/usr/local/HomeSeer/Data/HomeSeerData.json
    Uptime=58 Days 1 Hour 59 Minutes 23 Seconds
    Lan IP= (HomeTrollerSELv5)
    Device Count=214
    Event Count=14
    Plugins Enabled=NetCAM:,weatherXML:,Rachio:,SmartThings:,BLLAN:,Z-Wave:,TPLinkSmartHome:
    Modules/Threads=101 Modules, 58 Threads
    Available Threads=199
    HomeSeer Memory Used=125 Mbytes
    Plugins Installed=BLLAN,NetCAM,Rachio,SmartThings,TPLinkSmartHome,weatherXML,Z-Wave