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How to use the Set White Option?

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    How to use the Set White Option?

    I'm trying out this plugin and I'm not quite sure how to use the Set White option. Here is how I've got it set up:

    The other light turns on as it should but I can't get the LIFX Z to turn on using this method. The only way I've been able to turn on these lights (through Homeseer) has been with the "CONTROL A DEVICE" function. The problem with that is it just turns it on to what ever color the bulb was last set to.

    All I want to do (for now) is make sure the light turns on to the appropriate temperature and brightness when the light is turned on using this method.


    You have to also include a set power command in addition to the white command. In my example, I'm setting the power first and then slowly changing it to the correct temperature. You should be able to reverse this to turn it to the correct white first and then slowly fade it on.Click image for larger version

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      Works as expected.