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    Status Update Delay

    Hey, so I have a script that runs on an event that gets the light status and sets the opposite, eg if the status is 100 set it to 0 and vice versa.

    My problem is that the status of the light takes a few seconds to update once changing state.

    This prevents toggling the lights on and off within a space of about 5 seconds or so.

    Any ideas?

    Maybe even an option to poll the lights every .5 seconds would work...

    When you send an On/Off command to a LIFX light, there is an additional command to make sure it was accepted. This takes a few seconds to complete.

    What you are trying to accomplish? There may be a better way then just toggling the power state.

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      I'm basically trying to make a tap switch toggle the lights.

      It works well except the following scenario:

      Its dark in a room - the lights are off. I start looking for my keys, and pop my head in the room for a second. I turn the lights on, scan around, cant find the keys and attempt to turn the lights off. No joy. The lights status is still off, so my switch event sends the on command...

      I was thinking having the switch toggle a virtual device and have an event that once the virtual device updates, match the bulbs to its state. That would be ok except for one thing... these bulbs are often controlled by my wife using the lifx app haha.

      So a way around that might be another event that once the light has been on/off/dim for 2 seconds, update the virtual device.

      Or is there a more elegant way?