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    I didn't see a feature request thread so I thought I would start one.

    From the app there's some "effects" like random, spooky, color mix, etc. Is there a way to have effects in the PI? Would be nice to turn on/off/change the "Effects" of the lights from events or even from the Web UI having control for that. Maybe a child device for the "Effects" and it having the multiple control options? Just some thoughts.

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    How about addressable lights for lights that support it.
    I've got LIFX LED strip lights. What I'd like to do is change a portion of the lights to a different color while the rest of the strip stays the original color.



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      I know this could be reaching but Could this plug-in be adapted to also handle other RGB lights? Looking at the design i think it would help control and manage all the different LED lighting i want to use like AEOTEC, bulbs and light strips, FIBARO, IEKOV etc, It takes alot of events and Virtaul devices to use colors and alexa and it would be nice to have them work they way it does in the plug-in documentation,


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        Activation of LIFX Mobile app SCENES? Yes, that would be nice!