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    On last level

    So I've setup a couple of standard light automation events and use the command "on last level" instead of "on" to turn the lifx bulbs on. I know lifx remembers the state but if they get altered whilst the event is active, i want to avoid it effecting the "off" event so i use the same command as a condition to turn them off.

    The problem is when the bulbs are turned on using the "on last level" command, homeseer just reports them as "on" in the device viewing page, not "on last level" (See last screenshot)

    Is this an issue anyone has encountered? In my "off" events I like to add a condition that checks the bulbs are on so if homeseer misses a trigger, this compensates and will always turn them off as a timer is running. Events posted below for more clarity.

    You may notice I have set the "off" event bulb values to what they are normally set at to allow the event to trigger otherwise they stay on indefinitely if I use "on last level" due to the reason described above.
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