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UltraLighting3 inside of docker - it is totally possible

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    UltraLighting3 inside of docker - it is totally possible

    OK - I had done a bunch of searching on this forum as a new user. It seems like a couple of folks were attempting to run UtlraLighting3 inside of docker and gave up because the standard docker networking (bridge or host) were a little wonky. Well - they solved all that with "macvlan" enabled networking. Just wanted to share with you what actually works.

    1) I have a home network on which means I have ips of 1-254 to play with inside this network.
    2) I reserve for static addressing of things I know about and care about ips from 1-127 and 128-254 are set up as DHCP distributed
    3) I have a home automation server running on a NUC that is hard wired and on a IP in the manual range - it runs CentOs 8 and docker on top of it.
    4) I have carved out a smaller range of (meaning the ips ending with 112-127) to be managed by docker in this example for the values I'm showing below.

    What I did:
    1) create a docker network that understands the full subnet for my network, but that will only issue IPs for to the containers it spins up. Use "macvlan" type which will actually bring up containers as their own fully fledged IP peers to the other devices on the lan - beware - this will consume an IP per container brought up on that network - plus the one IP for the gateway. So the IP is going to be completely different from the docker host when you go to login to the homeseer app.

    docker network create -d macvlan -o parent=enp0s25 \
      --attachable=true \
      --subnet \
      --gateway \
      --ip-range \
      --aux-address 'host=' \
    2) On my OS the primary ethernet network is "enp0s25" and I'm going to create a internal virtual nic card inside the CentOs host:
    ip link add mynet-shim link enp0s25 type macvlan  mode bridge
    3) Assign the ip address specifically to the virtual network interface
    ip addr add dev mynet-shim
    4) bring up the virtual nic:
    ip link set mynet-shim up
    5) Add a static route to the virtual nic
    ip route add dev mynet-shim
    6) run docker based on "marthoc"'s image on docker hub (ACM0 = my zwave stick)

    docker run -d --name homeseer \
      --network=mynet \
      --restart always  \
      -v /mnt/backup:/backup \
      -v /home/davequick/homeseer:/HomeSeer \
      -p 80:80 \
      -p 10200:10200 \
      -p 10300:10300 \
      -p 10401:10401 \
      -p 11000:11000 \
      -p 56700:56700/udp \
      --device /dev/ttyACM0:/dev/ttyUSB0 \
    7) Rejoice - now all udp traffic on 56700 makes it to and from the docker container just fine and UltraLighting3 works fine.


    Anyway - just figured I'd save other the hassle for anyone else attempting to do this.
    Last edited by davequick; June 27, 2019, 06:51 PM. Reason: make it so the docker invoke doesn't go into a horizontally scrollable box. Looks better this way.