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Bulbs not correctly setting color

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    Bulbs not correctly setting color


    I'm having an odd problem that I can't quite figure out.

    I have several events that trigger my BR30 LIFX lights in my office (I have eight cans) to change color based upon certain events.

    The problem is, some of the bulbs suddenly require multiple triggering of the same event to get the correct color to display.

    For example, I have an event that turns all the lights red (I use it for night simulator work). However, if the lights have previously been another color, some of the lights do not switch over to the new color, but remain the previous color. If I re-run the event, the rouge light will often correct itself, but sometimes takes two re-runnings of the event.

    Even stranger, sometimes the light will flip to the new, correct color and then immediately switch back to the previous color again requiring one or two re-runs of the new color event.

    I've attached a screen shot of a typical event to make sure I'm doing the programming correctly.

    Any way to troubleshoot this?



    Well.... looks like there is a bug in the plugin related to Brightness settings.

    If I have a command in the event to change the brightness of the bulb, whether done before or after turning the bulb on, the bulb reverts to the same color and brightness as was previously set. If I remove the brightness command, the bulbs all switch color without a problem.

    I can reliably re-create this problem so let me know if you want some help debugging.




      Have you ever renamed them or moved them? I have had similar issues when I have moved bulbs and renamed them. Remove them from the cloud in the app, reset them and start from scratch. It's a bit of a PITA, but I bet that will fix the issue. Oh, and make sure you are at the latest firmware.....