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Scenes should be supported

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    Scenes should be supported

    Scenes should be supported, if for only one reason: I know we can create simple scenes with this plugin (based on what I've read, anyway), however I understand that you are not able to use the full capabilities of the Z-Strips, more specifically - their zones. A simple solution would be to use the LIFX app to "paint" the zones, then save the configuration as a scene. I've found that I can activate these scenes through the app or on ( once I enter my token and indicate the scene identifier.
    Of course, this would require an internet connection for that feature. I guess since UltraJones is MIA this is only a pipe dream. It's a shame because you can really make some impressive effects with the intended abilities of that hardware.

    what i do as a small workaround, is the use the app and set the scene i want. then go into airplane mode then kill the app. now when homeseer turns it on, it'll be at that last scene. i can still change brightness and the scene persists.

    (this used to work without going into airplane mode, but the app was updated earlier this year and now turns off the scene upon shutdown.)