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Once light goes offline, but restart HS to get it "online"

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    Once light goes offline, but restart HS to get it "online"

    I'm fairly new to the Plug-in so trying to understand it. Great work by the way!

    Everything was working until.... I unplugged a lightbulb (and had an event to notify me of such, if that makes a difference) and moved it to a different location. App said everything is good. However, HS showed it offline still. I looked everywhere to turn it back "on-line" but this does seem to be anywhere. Long story short, I had to exit HS and restart it. As soon as I did, it was back on-line and therefore controllable.

    Is this normal? Is there a way of turning a specific bulb on-/off-line? I was ready to go all-in on LIFX everywhere but now I'm concerned.....


    (PS. All for zone-control of the light strip too.)

    thart it probaly got a new ip adress
    if via static dhcp you give it a fixed ip adress (or very long lease time) it should work once it gets back.

    i also have a routine to check if the lamp goes on after a power resume. And force it off if it should nor be on (or vice versa)

    i hope this helps

    i have a bunch of lifx lamps and very happy with thod plugin

    as far as i know it remebers what the ip adress of the lamp is at boot time of hs.