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UltraLighting3 (LIFX LED WiFi Bulbs) HSPI for HS3

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    UltraLighting3 (LIFX LED WiFi Bulbs) HSPI for HS3


    UltraLighting3 is a HomeSeer3 plug-in (HSPI) that allows you to use HomeSeer to set your LIFX LED lights to suit your mood or life style. The UltraLighting3 HSPI uses the LAN protocol which allows the fastest control of your lights. With LIFX there are no cables or hub; all you need is Wi-Fi, your iOS/Android device and a LIFX Light. Once your lights are configured, the UltraLighting3 HSPI will automatically discover and configure them for use with HomeSeer.

    How It Works
    • UltraLighting3 HSPI uses the LIFX LAN Protocol to discover and control all your LIFX LED lights connected to your home WiFi network.
    • The plug-in continues to listen for LIFX network packets to detect a change in a lights state.
    • The plug-in will automatically create a HomeSeer device for each LED light allowing direct control of on/off/dim.
    • HomeSeer events allow you to control a single light or a group of lights.

    Main Features
    • Create HomeSeer events to control on/off/dim, set colors, whites for one light or a group of lights.
    • Direct control of LIFX lights by interacting with the HomeSeer device or controlling them using HomeSeer event actions.
    • Command retry technology is built into the plug-in which provides for reliable control of your lights.
    • Error Try/Catch logic to ensure plug-in doesn't fail with an unhandled exception.
    • Multiple threading allows UltraLighting3 to manage and control your LIFX lights without disrupting the performance of HomeSeer.

    Example Usage
    • Change the color and brightness of all your LIFX lights when the sun sets.
    • Turn on your LIFX lights and change the color to bright red whenever your alarm system triggers.


    Change Log
    Version 3.0.5917.31649 - Released Mar, 14 2016
    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause *thousands* of errors to be written to the log per *minute*.

    Version 3.0.5917.31649 - Released Mar, 20 2016
    • Newly created devices now contains the on/off/dim control use.
    • Updated the plugin to silently ignore LIFX firmware update packets.

    Version 3.0.5958.23126 - Released Apr, 24 2016
    • Fixed another rare issue that could cause *thousands* of errors to be written to the log per *minute*.

    Version 3.0.5963.25116 - Released Apr, 29 2016
    • Modified the HomeSeer device controls so the controls work more like Z-Wave (at the request of HomeSeer). In order to see and use the new controls, you'll need to delete any existing UltraLighting3 HomeSeer devices and have the plug-in rebuild them.

    Version 3.0.6112.18549 - Released Sep, 25 2016
    • Major redesign to greatly improve performance. Each LIFX bulb now has a dedicated communication thread to greatly improve performance.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause a LIFX LED bulb to ignore a command.
    • Fixed an issue with the LIFX LED bulb command-retry mechanism.

    Version 3.0.6118.18834 - Released Oct, 1 2016
    • Fixed errors written to HomeSeer log during plug-in shutdown.
    • Other minor bug fixes.

    Version 3.0.6119.18806 - Released Oct, 2 2016
    • Fixed issue preventing the plug-in from working on the new HomeTrollerZeeS2V2 and Mono 4

    Version 3.0.6157.34802 - Released Nov, 9 2016
    • Added support for the new LIFX bulbs LIFX A19, LIFX BR30, LIFX + A19, LIFX + BR30 and LIFX Z

    Version 3.0.6516.32486 - Released Nov, 13 2017
    • Added support for the new LIFX bulbs LIFX Z 2, LIFX Downlight, LIFX GU10, LIFX Mini, LIFX Mini White, LIFX Mini Day and Dusk

    Version 3.0.6601.28887 - Released Jan, 27 2018
    • Fixed issues with some LIFX bulbs not correctly being detected.
    • Several bug fixes.

    Version 3.0.6643.19439 - Released Mar, 10 2018
    • Added new option to keep the naming defined in the LIFX Application in sync with the HomeSeer device name, location1 and location2. The default value for HomeSeer Device Options > Syncronize Device Naming is False.
    • Several bug fixes and coding improvements.

    Version 3.0.6647.37642 - Released Mar, 14 2018
    • Added 1500K and 2000K to the UltraLighting3: Set White Action to support the newer LIFX Mini Day & Dusk. Attempting to use the new colors for any other light just resets the value to 2500K.
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