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White temp not set correctly when bulb is in colored state

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  • White temp not set correctly when bulb is in colored state


    consider this scenario:

    • bulb is at any color and dim value - on or off doesn't matter
    • Run an event that sets white temp, eg 2750k 100%
    • The correct white temp isn't being set. Sometimes its a bit off.
    • The lifx ios app updates, but not with the set white temperature.
    • Re run the event - now the correct temp is set and the lifx app reflects that

    Now scenario b - which works fine
    • bulb is set to any white temp
    • ran an event to change white temp
    • correct temp is set
    • the lifx app reflects this

    Right now I've got an event for the morning, that basically sets the temp twice before turning on to ensure the correct white temp is set. Its a bit of a pain because I need a delay in between the two events that set white and it slows the thing down a bit

    Can anyone reproduce this?

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    No issues here. I just updated all my bulbs to the latest firmware from LIFX using the Android app. I set up a test event to change the bulb to a color, then wait 10 seconds and then change to white 2750k at 100%. It works as expected here. I am doing a 3 second fade on the color and white changes.


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      Thanks for checking that. What bulbs are you using? I'm using Originals.
      I just did your test - the lifx ios app shows that its not 2750k.

      I tested with the lifx win10 app instead of homeseer - picked a color then picked white 2750k. the ios app reported 2750k
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        Ah-ha! Its the fade that fixes is. If I set "Over Timespan" to 0, the white does not correctly set!


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          I find that adding at least a 1 second fade on any actions fixes a lot of issues. If not, all the commands seem to arrive at the bulb at the same time and some of the commands get lost.