First, this plug-in is GREAT! I have a ton of LIFX 1000's and it was a PITA to have to use the phone app to change anything. This plug-in makes things SO much easier and most importantly, allows me to incorporate them into HS3 SO easily. But, while it is AWESOME, I would like to change it! :-)


Where using the action of "Set White" is it possible to have a choice of NOTHING for brightness? When changing from say Blue, I don't necessarily want to change the brightness and I may not necessarily know what that brightness is. I just want to change it to (in particular) Incandescent White. Having the brightness action there is normally a time saver since you don't have to do a separate brightness action, but it would be GREAT of I didn't have to choose a brightness right there.


Can you tell me what "color" Incandescent White is so I can use the Set Color option instead?