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  • Not really Feature Request 2

    This may not be a UltraLighting3 feature as much as it is me not really understanding all of HS3 yet....

    When the power goes out for even a split second, nearly all of my LIFX bulbs come on. I hate that about them and have told LIFX as much.... They say it is because some people use them in switched environments so they need to come on when power is applied. I said make it a choice as to what it does when the power is applied just like a computer. They are thinking about it.

    If I didn't have a UPS for my HS server, I could just have HS3 start up script turn off all LIFX bulbs when the server boots up. Done. All that are supposed to be on will be on once the recovery is finished.

    Maybe I could get my UPS to tell HS3 that the power is back on and I could run the recovery script. Not sure my UPS is that smart.....

    Anyone experiencing this LIFX feature and have a more elegant way to deal with it??

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    Reading this over two years later, and LIFX still has that "feature". I have the 5 unit LIFX Tile in my Great Room, and everytime the power flickers it turns on. Have you figured out a way to fix this?
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      Originally posted by JLehnert View Post
      Have you figured out a way to fix this?
      YES! Use a sleeping mask at night! :-)


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        That was.....helpful. (emoji wearing a sleep mask)

        As of last October LIFX was working on a fix, but nada yet. Hue had the same issue, but they fixed it in December.
        My system is described in my profile.


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          Dirty workaround is to put a small UPS in line with the circuit that powers the lights. BlackFriday is coming up so a 550VA small UPS can be found for like $20 or less.

          Or go big with a natural gas full home backup generator

          LIFX should be able to fix this with a firmware update, but their priorities appear elsewhere.