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  • Control Other Lights?

    The UltraLighting3 plugin is working great. I currently have the bulbs hardwired on - still trying to decide if I need a Z-Wave switch to control them on/off. One issue I have seen is the bulbs default to on after an outage. With the Z-Wave switches, though, the bulbs weren't reliably turning on with their last known setting.

    Also, what happens when the internet is down? Happens more often than I'd like.

    Now.....any way to control my other Z-Wave circuits with the same features?? What I'm interested is the smooth brightening/dimming (I know you can control the color or temp). Nothing I have tried works well.


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    This plugin uses the Lifx LAN protocol. It doesn't rely on the Lifx cloud. This implementation is far superior to other controllers that link up to the lifx cloud If the internet is down this will keep working!

    The new Lifx bulbs have a beta firmware that allows you to change that power on behaviour. Unfortunately it isn't for Lifx Original bulbs...

    Do you mean smooth dimming of ZWave in wall dimmers?


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      Good to know the LIFx control only depends on the local network.

      What about controlling the LIFx bulb with a Z-Wave switch? My issue.....the current control is via HS3 only (or the LIFx app). (This is at my church) Not everyone has access or knows how to do this. There isn't a switch that anyone can turn on/off to control the lights. Would I be better off to front the bulb with a switch (not dimmer)? I could then tie the outlet control to a switch somewhere. I know that if I do this though, the bulbs are no longer in contact with WiFi.

      Yes, I'm talking about dimming Z-Wave switches. UltraLighting3 allows me to nicely brighten and dim over a period of time. I want to be able to do that with all my Z-Wave dimmers. My switches are apparently NOT scene capable, so that doesn't help. I've tried other plugins, but none get it quite right, especially the brightening (negative dimming). That is abrupt. What I've been doing is setting the dimming a little at a time, but the events to do this are quite involved. I've also "lost" those events since moving to a different server, so looking for a more efficient way to do it (and need it by Christmas Eve). UltraLighting3 like control is what I'm looking for.



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        Mine aren't on zwave switches, but I've got lifx events that are triggered by a zwave remote. (Remotec ZRC90) It has 8 buttons. Button 1 turns on all lights, button 2 my lounge, 3 bedroom etc. Holding and doubletapping the switch send different commands to homeseer too.
        Maybe one of those to control the lifx lights would suit your scenario? It comes with a bracket, you could mount it anywhere really.

        I do not have any experience with zwave dimmers.

        In regards to zwave in wall switches, how about an in wall double switch. I'm thinking about these for my home:

        Relay / switch input 1 one would be wired up to the bulb with an event in homeseer to flick the relay if the bulb goes offline or shutdown the light socket if I need to change the bulb, etc. Input 1 would NOT be connected to the wall face plate switch. It would basically always be on so that the lifx bulb can communicate via wifi. In your church you could have an event that turns it off when the building is empty to save standby power.

        Relay/switch 2 will not actually be connected to a load. Input 2 would be connected to wall faceplate switch. It will send a zwave command to homeseer, which then runs the event from ultralighting 3 to turn on/off the bulb, or change color, or anything, really.

        Someone else will need to chime in re smooth dimming, maybe a post in the zwave section would have more readers?


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          I currently have a light switch sized controller that I have wired next to a Z-Wave switch that behaves similar to your description, but with Z-Wave switches. However, I think it is doing this via a direct association, not via HS3 event. That wouldn't be possible with the LIFx bulbs, unless I put a Z-Wave on/off controller at the outlet (which is how I had them before, but have since removed the on/off switches). The light switch controller has four "switches" and I'm only currently using three, so I might be able to do something there.

          The reason I posted here......I have several UltraJones plugins, and I like the way they are written. I'm hoping UltraJones will pipe in to this thread and either say the functionality could be added to UltraLighting3 or that he could look into developing a similar plugin for Z-Wave controlled lights, or point me elsewhere.