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UPB dimmer recommendations?

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    UPB dimmer recommendations?

    I have tried the Simply Automated UPB dimmers but find that it is difficult to get the right lighting level. They always seem to overshoot even with incandescent lights. Has anyone had a similar experience and were you able to do any adjustments via Upstart to make them work better?

    Has anyone tried the HAI (Leviton) UPB dimmers that are compatible with LED lights or the PCS UPB dimmers (which are more expensive)? I am looking for an alternative switch to replace some old PCS X-10 dimmers (which dim perfectly). I would also like them to work well with LED lights since everything is going that direction.

    I use primarily PCS switches. I find that it is difficult to set a dim level from the switch paddles, but easy and reproducible to select a dim percent in Upstart and assign it to a single press, double press, link, etc.

    LED lamps* are more of a challenge. The DL switches seem to handle LEDs pretty reliably, but there is significant variation still from one manufacturer to another in response of the lamp to 'dimming'. Very few manufacturers make lamps that dim over a significant range. 50% is good. The best I've seen may go to 30%. I find that most lamps also tend to snap on and off rather than ramp up, even if the switch is programmed to slowly ramp. Using the paddles causes the lamps to go to their preprogramed level or off, with no noticeable ramp.
    * I'm using "lamp" in the technical sense of the thing that lights up, often called a light bulb in common parlance.
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