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UPB hardware for 240v in Australia?

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  • UPB hardware for 240v in Australia?


    Are there any UPB devices available for the Australian 240v system?
    I bought homeseer planning to use it with some zwave and mostly UPB but now I'm having trouble locating any 240v UPB hardware. Initially I'm looking to start my install with a powerline interface module (or PulseWorx Gateway) and some appliance and light switches.
    I'm in New Zealand but we use the AU electrical system.

    Is UPB still popular or has another wired technology overtaken it?
    Or is everything zwave now?

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    I've had clients ask the same question, unfortunately, It's either all Z-Wave or Insteon. But not both as you can in the US. (different frequency)


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      Thanks for the info.

      I found this brand who have a 240v Powerline Interface Module and relays and dimmers:

      But I can't find any retailers so not sure how well supported it is.
      What are the chances it will work with Homeseer?


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        Never heard of them, why not ask them directly?


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          The guy who makes it is not aware of Homeseer and suggested I use HAI or ELAN which don't look very DIY friendly to me.

          I'm keen to get a PIM and a relay to test with Homeseer. What are the chances that Spud would be willing and able to get the plugin to work with this gear?

          It's an RS232 PIM:

          And this is the appliance relay:

          With the 240v thing I guess spud could only work from the logs I send him.



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            If the serial PIM works with UPStart there is good chances that it works with the plug-in too.


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              Thanks Spud. Yes, UPStart is used to configure it.
              If it doesn't work, is that the end or can your plugin be tinkered with to get it working?


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                As I said, if it works with Upstart and other systems like HAI, I don't see any reason why it would not work with my plug-in, they all use the same protocol.
                In the case it doesn't, I cannot guarantee that I would be able to fix the plug-in to make it work, but I will try if you can provide logs.


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                  That sounds perfect. I'll get one and give it a try.



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                    UPB hardware is working for 240v Australia/New Zealand plugs

                    I'm pleased to report that the RS232 PIM and appliance relay have arrived from and both are working nicely with Homeseer so far.

                    I've also been speaking to a local (Wellington, NZ) installer who uses UPB gear and he buys European equipment. It's the same voltage as in NZ and because he only uses hard wired gear there's no problem with plugs not fitting.
                    He doesn't use Homeseer but I plan to get some relays from him and will report back if they work ok and what brand they are.


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                      Welcome to the Homeseer forum Phil!!!

                      The HAI HLC protocal was added to the HAI UPB switches for configuration with the Leviton OmniPro combination alarm and security panels.

                      That written HAI switches are just UPB switches which will work just fine with Upstart and Spud's Homeseer UPB plugin.

                      I am using UPB and utilize PCS, Simply Automated and HAI UPB switches here.

                      Utilize Upstart for programming of the switches.

                      Over the last few years have gone to using dual load multiple paddle switches to reduce the wall footprint. These switches are very high on the WAF.

                      Most of the multiple paddle switches are configured as scene controllers here. The paddle switches have replaced the original button style switches here.

                      In addition here utilize a two phase UPB repeater. There are also 3-phase UPB repeaters available. These are seen as devices in Upstart.

                      I have no issues with transport to all of the switches. Here my switches are in metal boxes and electrical is run in metal conduit to the fuse panel to three floors of the exterior brick home.
                      - Pete

                      Auto mator
                      Homeseer 3 Pro - (Linux) - Ubuntu 18.04/W7e 64 bit Intel Haswell CPU - Mono 6.4X
                      Homeseer Zee2 (Lite) - (Linux) - Ubuntu 18.04/W7e - CherryTrail x5-Z8350 BeeLink 4Gb BT3 Pro - Mono 6.4X

                      X10, UPB, Zigbee, ZWave and Wifi MQTT automation.


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                        Thanks Pete. And for the info.

                        Leviton told me they don't make any product in 240v. Do you know if any of the gear you mentioned is available in 240v?

                        Could you give a link to your favourite dual load multiple paddle switch?


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                          Mostly all new switches here are Simply Automated Inc.

                          I use their base switch here which is a US2-40 and dual load US22-40. With these I can utilize any multitoggle faceplate.



                          I am looking for a 220VAC reference on their site and do not see anything.

                          Also looking the PCS website for references to 220VAC switches....see nothing on the PCS website relating to 220VAC.

                          Here for 3-4 way lightning utilize virtual links on the paddles.

                          Leviton sells the HAI OmniPro 2 along with HLC (UPB) switches. I only see a reference to the company above for UPB switches in Australia.

                          My HLC switches are almost identical to the SA switches and PCS switches except for the dual load switches.

                          Looking here on the Leviton web site for HLC switches it mentions that the switches work for 120/240VAC house wiring.

                          When looking at the HLC room controllers it mentions only 120 VAC.
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                          - Pete

                          Auto mator
                          Homeseer 3 Pro - (Linux) - Ubuntu 18.04/W7e 64 bit Intel Haswell CPU - Mono 6.4X
                          Homeseer Zee2 (Lite) - (Linux) - Ubuntu 18.04/W7e - CherryTrail x5-Z8350 BeeLink 4Gb BT3 Pro - Mono 6.4X

                          X10, UPB, Zigbee, ZWave and Wifi MQTT automation.


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                            Those are nice looking switches. The data sheet says they are 110v:

                            But I suppose any European or Aussie equivalent would work too so I'll ask my installer what he uses.


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                              Thats good news on the RS232 PIM, I have had clients that want to use HS but have not been able to find a way of using it with UPB, problem solved.

                              The switches are nice, but not able to be used in Australia.

                              I've just been down the regulatory path and can tell you it's a long and expensive road to travel to get electrical devices certified for use here. So be careful here.

                              Any switch that is used in Australia must be certified to AS/NZS 60669.1.2013, registered with ERAC and be marked with the RCM (triangle with tick). I think you will find NZ is similar

                              Hardwiring into a switchboard or electrical cabinet is another matter.

                              The critical test is how a consumer comes into contact with it.
                              Hardwire in an electrical cabinet is OK with Certificates of Conformity, otherwise you need rigorous test report(s) and a Certificate of Approval for use in Australia/New Zealand.