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USB cable for PIM

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    USB cable for PIM

    I am testing US3 on a PC with windows 10 before going to buy a controller (either the Zee S2 or SEL)
    Since I have an existing UPB network the UPB plugin is important to work flawlesly. I have everything working with my UMC-DB9 PIM connected through a serial port with a serial cable. But I cannot get it to work with a USB/serial cable. when I connect my USB/serial cable I get the additional com port and I am getting some kind of connectivity, but nothing workable and the app bogs down.

    Are there any com settings that I need to do with my USB/serial setup, or are there any known non compatibilities?

    what kind of serial/usb cable is it, does it have an FTDI chip?

    does it work using UPStart?


      I'm no expert in serial-USB cables. The chipset seems to be Prolific PL-2303. Just did a Google search and it seems there are a few of these with driver problems. I had bought this cable to eventually use it for my UPBStart. I just tried it and even with the company driver it does not work. I will not struggle to get the damn thing to work

      So... I am getting ready to order my Zee from Aartech in Canada. What cable should I get to be certain it works out of the box



        I have never tested the UPB plugin with a serial to usb cable so I cannot guarantee anything, however I have tested some other serial plugin using a serial to USB cable with a FTDI chipset with good success.

        If you want a 100% guaranteed solution, buy a pulseworx USB PIM: