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  • spud
    There is an Address field that you can see from the device management page, if you enable it from Tools/setup/Custom.

    For UPB devices, this field is populated with the network id + device id + channel, formatted like this


    For UPB links, it's

    However I'm not sure if you can get this address field from the JSON API

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  • cschmack
    started a topic Device address

    Device address

    Is there a way to get the UPB address encoded into the records that the REST getstatus call returns?

    I have a bunch of switches. The "name" and "location" values are automatically provided from the UPB export file, but the device address is left out. All I have is a reference id. I'm not sure that I can count on a reference id to remain constant, especially when devices can be added and deleted.

    I have a Javascript web app that displays the controlled switches using polygons that have been associated with the switch ids. I also have the "name" and "location" values, but am reluctant to use those in case the UPStart program is used to rename a given switch.

    Any thoughts? Maybe populate "location2" with the device address?

    Thanks in advance,