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    Device address

    Is there a way to get the UPB address encoded into the records that the REST getstatus call returns?

    I have a bunch of switches. The "name" and "location" values are automatically provided from the UPB export file, but the device address is left out. All I have is a reference id. I'm not sure that I can count on a reference id to remain constant, especially when devices can be added and deleted.

    I have a Javascript web app that displays the controlled switches using polygons that have been associated with the switch ids. I also have the "name" and "location" values, but am reluctant to use those in case the UPStart program is used to rename a given switch.

    Any thoughts? Maybe populate "location2" with the device address?

    Thanks in advance,


    There is an Address field that you can see from the device management page, if you enable it from Tools/setup/Custom.

    For UPB devices, this field is populated with the network id + device id + channel, formatted like this


    For UPB links, it's

    However I'm not sure if you can get this address field from the JSON API